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Plastic Bottle
Plastic Bottle is one of the drinking equipment that it is widely used in our daily life. It is made of food-grade plastic, which is safe and healthy, non-toxic as well as odorless. Meanwhile, it is light in weight that it is portable with small size that it is easy to carry and move. It has high strength and strong structure that it works steadily and well.
With the scientific and ergonomic design, it is convenient to carry and move. It is available to provide the bottles with vibrant colors. It is able to provide many types of plastic bottles that you can choose the suitable one according to your preference. It is perfect for a present for your close friends and family members on the birthday or some special festivals.
It is produced with high quality control by the experienced workers with delicate craftsmanship. All the products are of premium quality, easy operation and excellent performance which are resistant to wear, dust and corrosion, extending its service life.
Pretty appearance and compact frame, it is cost effective for your daily use with comfortable using experience that it is able to perform with reliable operation and reasonable price.
  • 450ml Plastic Bottle

    450ml Plastic Bottle

    The plastic bottle is designed with lip and straw,which is user-friendly with comfortable using experience.It is made of high quality plastic that it is food grade that it is odorless and non-toxic,containing no harmful substances.
    It is perfect for the kids and won't...

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  • 22OZ Plastic Bottle With Straw

    22OZ Plastic Bottle With Straw

    The water bottle is made of nearly unbreakable plastic which is safe and clean,eco-friendly, odorless,tasteless and non-toxic containing no harmful substance,no lead, no mercury,available to provide comfortable using experience.
    Equipped with a straw and handle, it is...

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  • 850ml Plastic Water Bottle

    850ml Plastic Water Bottle

    The 850ml Plastic Water Bottle is designed with large capacity that it is able to hold 850 ml water which is professionally engineered for sports and workouts.
    Adopting the high quality plastic,the bottle is safe and healthy that it contains no harmful elements,no...

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  • 350ml Tritan Sport Water Bottle With Straw

    350ml Tritan Sport Water Bottle With Straw

    The water bottle is specialized in its straw which is easy to use.And the straw is able to be hidden if you don't want to use the straw.
    The water bottle is mainly made of tritan materials which is BPA free,non-toxic,safe and odorless, while the lid is made of...

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  • 450ml Double Wall Personalized Plastic Cups

    450ml Double Wall Personalized Plastic Cups

    we are using is hundred percent food contact safe grade, which can pass the third part test like FDA, LFGB. We also take customer experience and feedback into great consideration to ensure further development and improvement of our products. This has made hankun a quality...

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  • 670ml Plastic Water Bottle With Straw

    670ml Plastic Water Bottle With Straw

    1.Set up Charge Depends on the techniques of the decoration. Usually we do silk screen printing, heat transfer printing, pad printing, water transfer printing and sublimation. Contact us, and then we know your needs. 2.Pricing Negotiable. Based on our experience, we have the...

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  • 500ml Children Bottle With Straw

    500ml Children Bottle With Straw

    This water bottle with straw is made from BPA free plastic which is eco-friendly and non-toxic.With the food grade materials,it is safe and healthy.With the straw, it is convenient to drink the water,especially the young children unfamiliar with drinking water.
    And it...

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  • 750ml Plastic Water Bottle

    750ml Plastic Water Bottle

    It is a kind of water bottle which is made of the food grade plastic that it is non-toxic,odorless and healthy,which is able to provide the clean and safe water.Resistant to corrosion,wear,dust and oxygen, the 750ml plastic water bottle is durable which can be used for a long...

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