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Vacuum Flasks
Vacuum flask refers to a container that can isolate gas from external temperature or bacteria. The bottle has an inner wall and an outer wall that there is a vacuum between the two walls. Heat conduction and convection cannot be carried out in a vacuum, and the coated metal reflector can reflect heat radiation. So, anything you put into a bottle will stay at the same temperature for a long time. This is why thermos bottles keep drinks warm in winter and cool in summer. For the reason, people often carry the bottle as they have a travel in order to drink hot water as soon as possible.
It is made of superior quality materials which is safe and healthy, with no harmful matters. And it is non-toxic, odorless and ergonomic that it is able to provide the comfortable using experience.
It is light in weight that it is portable with the small size that you can easily carry it with little extra weight that it won't be your burden. It is practical and useful that it is widely used in our daily life, not limited to the travel.
It is produced with strict quality control in order to meet the national standards that it is of guaranteed quality, easy operation and excellent performance. And it is cost effective that it is durable with long life span.
  • 18 /8 Vacuum Flask

    18 /8 Vacuum Flask

    Cute design, the 18 /8 vacuum flask is designed with advanced technology that it is fashionable and beautiful, which can catch the eyeballs of girls immediately.The simple and elegant style can help to show the personal taste.
    It adopts the high quality stainless steel...

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  • Two Walls Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    Two Walls Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    The Water Bottle is designed with two walls that it has outstanding performance of thermal insulation that it can keep the hot water for a long time.And it is portable that you can enjoy the hot water anywhere, anytime.
    This go-anywhere vaucum flask makes a great gift...

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  • Sublimation Vacuum Flask

    Sublimation Vacuum Flask

    High quality stainless steel themos flask with sublimation coating, is resistant to dust,oxygen,corrosion and water, prolonging its service life.And it is durable that it can be used for a long time,even several years.
    Scientific design, it is ergonomic with comfortable...

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  • Plastic Glass Liner Vacuum Water Bottle

    Plastic Glass Liner Vacuum Water Bottle

    The product is a kind of vacuum water bottle with the plastic glass liner that it is able to keep water warm for a long time.It is ergonomic that it is designed with a handle that you can better carry the bottle.
    It is environmentally friendly that it is safe,healthy...

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  • 18 /8 Vacuum Thermos

    18 /8 Vacuum Thermos

    The vacuum thermos is a kind of insulated flasks which is able to keep the drinks warm or cool for hours. It is a good solution no matter for a long journeys, camping, hiking, walking, or while at work.
    Made of food grade 18/8 stainless steel interior and exterior, it...

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  • 32OZ Bullet Vacuum Flask

    32OZ Bullet Vacuum Flask

    The 32OZ Bullet Vacuum Flask is designed with double walls with good heat preservation that it is able to keep warm or cold more than 12 hours.With the capacity of 550ml, it is able to meet the needs of daily water.
    It is equipped with the handle which is convenient to...

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  • Stainless Steel Bullet Thermo

    Stainless Steel Bullet Thermo

    The Bullet Thermo is a kind of vacuum flasks which is made from high quality stainless steel,resistant to water,oxygen and corrosion,pretty durable.It is able to able to keep the water warm or cold for a long time.
    It is light in weight with the small size and high...

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  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Food Container

    Double Wall Stainless Steel Food Container

    It is the modern container which is able to keep the food warm for hours when you're on the go due to the double-wall hi-technology to prevent the the heat transfer in order to prolong the time.
    Made of food grade stainless steel with premium quality, the food container...

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  • 430ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

    430ml Stainless Steel Vacuum Bottle

    The vacuum bottle is designed with large capacity that it is able to hold 430 ml water.It is available to provide the customized service from the color to the logo.
    It is made of high quality stainless steel with high strength and firm structure that it is available to...

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  • 18/ 8 Insulated Thermos Vacuum Flask

    18/ 8 Insulated Thermos Vacuum Flask

    The double wall stainless steel bottle is one of the insulated thermos which has good performance of keeping the water hot for a long time.With the bottle, you can enjoy the hot water anytime,anywhere.
    Adopting the high quality stainless steel,it is resistant to...

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  • Bowling Double Wall Stainless Steel

    Bowling Double Wall Stainless Steel

    The water bottle adopts the unique design that it looks like the bowling which is fashionable and beautiful.It will be loved by the bowling fans which will make them happy.
    Double-wall vacuum insulation technology keeps your drinks ice cold or piping hot for hours that...

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